List of hydrogen retail stations network in France

1AirLiquideZone Industrielle de Fos le TonkinFos sur Mer
2AirLiquideRue Felix EsclangonGrenoble
3AirLiquideRue de la Croix BlancheLes Loges-en-Josas
4AirLiquideAéroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle Mitry-Mory
5AirLiquideAvenue de l'AéroportParay-Vieille-Poste
6AirLiquidePlace de l'AlmaParis
7AviaZA de Bel AirMaché
8Conseil General de la Manche98 Route de CandolSaint-Lo
9DyneffA61 - Aire de Toulouse Sud Sud, Autoroute des Deux Mers Sens Toulouse NarbonneDeyme
10EAS-HyMobRue Jules VedrineBretteville-sur-Odon
11EAS-HyMobRue Maryse BastierLe Vieil Evreux
12EAS-HyMobRue de BossayeLillebonne
13EAS-HyMobRue Georges ClémenceauPont-L´Eveque
14EAS-HyMobPlace du BoulingrinRouen
15EAS-HyMobAvenue des métiersVal-de-Reuil
16EDFBoulevard Marcel PaulHerblain
17Elyse EnergyAvenue du PortSalaise-sur-Sanne
18ENGIEMaison BlancheAlixan
19ENGIEMarché International de Rungis, Rue du jourChevilly-La Rue
20ENGIE2B Rue de DijonLyon
21ENGIEPort de Lyon Edouard Herriot, 1 Rue de DoleLyon
22ENGIE15 avenue Edouard MichelinVannes
23H2 Auxerre4 Impasse Saint-SiméonAuxerre
24HympulsionRue du Quebec, Zone des GavranchesClermont-Ferrand
25HympulsionAvenue Clément AderLyon Saint Priest
26HympulsionChemin de la DigueMoutiers
27Hympulsion56 av de l'Ile BruneSaint-Egreve
28Hympulsion32 allée de la Tâche VelinVenissieux
29HypeBoulevard GaribaldiIssy-les-Moulineaux
30HyPortAeroport de BlagnacBlagnac
31HysetCoParc des expositions Paris Le Bourget Rue de ParisLe Bourget
32HysetCo22 Av. Dode de la BrunerieParis
33HysetCoAeroport Paris-Charles-de-GaulleRoissy-en-France
34HysetCo48 Av. du Président WilsonSaint-Denis
35McPhy70 Rue du BêleNantes
36McPhy1 Chemin d'Edreville N 33Octeville-sur-Mer
37McPhyPlace Antoine de Saint-ExupérySorigny
38R-GDS78 rue de la Plaine des BouchersStrasbourg
39Station HydrogèneRue des EpinettesChambery
40Vendèe Energie108 Route de NantesLa Roche sur Yon
41Vendèe EnergieZA La VannerieLes Sables d´Olonne
42Vinci ARECRoute d'AlbiToulouse

Please remember that the data presented is open to modification, so it is advisable that you contact the hydrogen refueling point before going to refuel at the selected facility


Hydrogen is positioning itself as one of the most promising alternatives for mobility and sustainable energy. In France, this push is evident with the increasing deployment of hydrogen stations. These stations are essential for the transition towards a cleaner and more efficient energy model, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Hydrogen Infrastructure in France

France has established an ambitious roadmap for the development of its hydrogen infrastructure. In recent years, several hydrogen stations have been inaugurated throughout the country, with the aim of achieving a national network that facilitates the use of hydrogen vehicles. These stations are strategically located in metropolitan areas and key transportation corridors, allowing for both urban and long-distance use.

In cities such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille, several hydrogen stations are already operational. In Paris, for example, there are stations in key locations such as La Défense and Charles de Gaulle airport, facilitating the use of hydrogen vehicles both for public transport and for fleets of taxis and private vehicles. Lyon has stations in industrial and residential areas, supporting both urban mobility and green logistics. Marseille, being a strategic port, has integrated hydrogen stations that serve both land vehicles and pilot projects for hydrogen-powered ships.

The French government, together with private companies and international organizations, is investing significantly in this infrastructure. Projects such as H2 Mobility France and the European Hydrogen Initiative have been instrumental in the development of stations that not only supply hydrogen, but also take care of its sustainable production and storage.

Advantages of Hydrogen

Hydrogen offers multiple benefits as an energy source. Firstly, it is a clean alternative, since its use in vehicles only produces water vapor as a byproduct, eliminating carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, hydrogen can be produced from various sources, including water through electrolysis and biogas, which increases its sustainability.

Another positive aspect is energy efficiency. Hydrogen vehicles have a greater range compared to conventional electric vehicles, and the recharging time is comparable to that of fossil fuel vehicles, making them very practical for users who require long distances and short recharging times.< /p>

Challenges in the Development of Hydrogen Stations

Despite its advantages, the development of a hydrogen infrastructure presents several challenges. One of the main ones is the cost. Hydrogen production and storage is still expensive compared to fossil fuels and other renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the construction of hydrogen stations requires significant initial investment and advanced technology.

Safety is also a concern. Hydrogen is highly flammable, which means stations must meet strict safety standards to prevent accidents. This includes special measures in the handling, storage and dispensing of hydrogen.

The Future of Hydrogen in France

Despite the challenges, the future of hydrogen in France is promising. The government has set clear targets to increase the number of hydrogen stations and encourage the adoption of hydrogen vehicles. It is expected that by 2030, there will be at least 400 operational stations across the country, with substantially increased green hydrogen production capacity.

In addition, continued innovation in hydrogen technology is leading to reduced costs and improved efficiency. International collaboration and agreements between public and private sectors are key to achieving these objectives and making hydrogen a central piece in France's energy strategy.

Map of hydrogen stations in France

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Hydrogen station contacts in France

1AirLiquide+33 1 40 62 55 55
2AirLiquide+33 1 40 62 55 55
3AirLiquide+33 1 40 62 55 55
4AirLiquide+33 1 40 62 55 55
5AirLiquide+33 1 40 62 55 55
6AirLiquide+33 1 40 62 55 55
8Conseil General de la Manche+33233055550
17Elyse Energy 
22ENGIE0 810 00 12 24
23H2 Auxerre 
39Station Hydrogène 
40Vendèe Energie02 51 45 88 86
41Vendèe Energie02 51 45 88 86
42Vinci AREC

List of hydrogen stations in France

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Last Update: May 24, 2024